2016-2017 Online Enrollment

Any child who is qualified under Indiana State Law for admission to a public school is qualified for admission to Veritas Academy.  Generally, the child must be over five (5) years and under fourteen (14) years of age.  When enrolling parents must supply the following:

1.      Completed student registration forms

2.      Immunization records

3.      Birth Certificate

4.      Court papers allocating parental rights and responsibilities; or custody (as appropriate)

5.      Non-refundable material and activity fee

6.      Non-refundable textbook rental fee or approved textbook rental assistance

Admission shall be limited to pupils within the grade levels specified with Veritas Academy’s charter.  Veritas Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry or disability.  If, however, the nature of a child’s handicap requires special therapy or special staffing, the child will not be enrolled until special arrangements can be made. 

The following additional information is also required for acceptance:

Kindergarten and grades 1-8

      1.   Medical Examination

·         Evidence that the child has received a health examination within 90 days prior to admission by qualified medical personal has been completed and the proper documentation has been submitted to the office.

      2.   Immunizations – Acceptable Record Variations

·         A certificate of immunization prepared by authorized medical personnel who administered the immunization, specifying the products administered, the date of administration and the physician-verified history or measles, mumps, and other diseases

·         The official state immunization record care completed by the administering medical personnel.

·         A certificate from qualified medical personnel stating that one or more of the required immunizations may be detrimental to the child’s health, and specifying which immunization may be detrimental.

The immunization certificate or record card shows that the child has received age-appropriate prophylaxis.  This must include immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella and Haemophilus influenza type b(Hib) except where there is a medical contraindication and a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner has completed and signed the medical exemption section of the Department of Social Services physical examination form.

***Records must be received by the end of the 1st week the child is scheduled to attend.  If records are not received students may not attend school until the records are received by the school.  Absences will be marked unexcused. ***

Transfer Students Grades 1– 8

·         The official transcripts, or report card, or record of attendance from the most recent previous educational placement

·         An assessment by Veritas staff completed PRIOR to the students first scheduled school day to determine proper grade placement and establish student’s ability.

·         The Director of Education of Veritas Academy determines class placement.  Each placement will be based on grade completed, academic ability, social factors, and age.


 Enrollment Lottery and Retaining Student Placement

Each year Veritas Academy holds a lottery. Families who submit a timely application will be enrolled in a random lottery as a pre-requisite to enrollment Veritas to fill all vacancies.  However, preference will be given to:

1.      Pupils returning to Veritas Academy;

2.       Siblings of pupils already enrolled in Veritas Academy 

Students that are not accepted through the lottery will be placed on the waiting list.  If a student is retained, and the class for the following year is full, the student will be placed on the waiting list.