Veritas has both before and after school programs for your child to take part in. The After-the-Bell program began in 1998 as the primary service of Carousel Family Services, Inc.(CFS). CFS expanded to include a private school in 2000 and the school eventually developed into Veritas Academy, an Indiana Charter School, in 2002. The After-The-Bell program continues to operate and serves the children enrolled in Veritas Academy.

After-the-Bell is an enrichment program which serves as an extension of the multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary day experienced by the students at Veritas Academy. After-the-Bell offers snacks, homework assistance and tutoring, structured games and activities and free play in our gym and playground. After-the-Bell utilizes the school building Veritas Academy leases on East Ireland Rd. We have a large cafeteria, an indoor gymnasium and a fenced-in playground. After-the-Bell is offered 180 days each year and follows the Veritas Academy academic calendar. The program begins promptly at 3:00PM each school day and runs until 6:00PM.

Before-the-Bell provides a before school care program for students in grades K-8 and operates Monday-Friday from 6:30AM-7:45AM following the Veritas School calendar. A light breakfast, consisting of milk or juice and bread or fruit item, is available for purchase for those arriving prior to 7:30AM (requires advance sign-up to participate). Contact Veritas Academy for more information.

If you wish to have your child(ren) participate in the Before and/or After-the-Bell, or the breakfast program, the following forms must be completed and returned to the school office. (Click on each form next to the Before and After the Bell link.  There will be links to the application and August contracts). Parents will also need to fill out and supply the school with the monthly contracts listed below.