Our curriculum meets the guidelines of Indiana Educational Guidelines as set forth by the Indiana Department of Education.  Veritas Academy utilizes a number of proven published curriculums.  This curriculum is a guide used by teachers to determine the differentiated instructional needs of each student.  Our curriculum is enriched with hands-on projects, thematic units, multi-disciplinary units, and character education.

The companies we use in our curriculum include:

·         Everyday Mathematics grades K-6 Prentice Hall grades 7,8

·         Voices

Reading and trade books

·         Zaner-Bloser language arts and handwriting

·         6+1 Writing and Lucy Calkins’ Writing Curriculum


Indiana Science

·         Nystrom Social Studies

In addition, we offer a liberal arts focus with classes in:


 Music             Readers Theater

 P.E.                Health

Character Education developing Core Virtues

Core Virtues, our character education program, is an essential component of Veritas Academy curriculum. The core virtues teach children important life values such as Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Perseverance, and Caring help students to become respectful adults that have the personal qualities that leaders possess.

Classes meet each month and are introduced to the month’s virtue through literature, videos, class discussions, role plays, and other activities.  Reading curriculum reinforces the Core Virtues. Awards and certificates are given celebrating students that use the Core Virtues in their interaction with others.

Within in our discipline plan the Core Virtues are reinforced.  Students use a variety of self-reflective tools and one-on-one activities to develop these values while learning pro-social behaviors.