Veritas Academy 2013-2014

Performing Arts Program


Every Student should have the ability to perform, to create, and to listen to music and theatre with understanding. To achieve this, every student should have access to comprehensive, balanced, and sequential programs of performing Arts study at Veritas Academy.

  • A room where students sing, act, dance, listen, compose, and play instruments.
  • A place where differences are celebrated, and community is created.
  • A time for friendships, talents and challenging minds

The Performing Arts Curriculum

The Performing Arts curriculum at Veritas Academy is designed to provide a variety of experiences that will enable all children to respond to, create, and perform music and theatre. An understanding of performing Art is gained through the sequenced development of concepts based on the elements of music and theatre: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, expression, movement, expressive speech, writing, history, style, composition and performance. These experiences are conceptually based and sequentially developed so that ultimately the child will become an independent and active participant in music and theatre, as well as a sensitive creator and intelligent consumer.

At Veritas Academy we place a strong emphasis on the performing and creating process, with the goal of musical and theatrical independence. The mediums through which students participate include:




Playing instruments

Computer music

Play and commercial development


Reading music



Song writing

Setting sound

Using body percussion





Performing Arts are a discipline in which all children should participate and enjoy. K- 2 will meet twice a week for 30 minutes.  3-5 will meet twice a week for 45 minutes. 6-8 will meet three times a week for 45 minutes.


Your child will present at least two concerts this school year performing a variety of skills which might possibly include: singing, acting in skits and plays, the use of puppets and masks, and playing instruments (percussion, hand bells, recorders).

Dec. 17- 6:00 pm - Holiday Performing Arts program

May 15- 6:00pm- Spring Performing Arts program



Classroom Rules

All classes will abide by all rules stated in the Veritas Academy Student Handbook.

1. Listen and Follow Directions.

 (Raise your hand before speaking, and when needing to get up from your  seat for any reason)

2.Respect yourself and others. Encourage!

3. Be prepared and participate in all Activities.

*** In the Performing Arts classroom you are expected to participate in whatever activity we are engaged in: singing, acting, moving, listening, playing musical instruments, listening, discussion, paperwork ect. Doing your best is not just expected, IT IS REQUIRED!


All Performing Arts classes will follow the Progressive Discipline Plan laid out in the Veritas Academy Handbook

I will use: verbal warnings, timeout placement in classroom, call home to parent, meeting with Principal, the parents and myself.


Students are evaluated on their effort, knowledge and skill through out the grade period. Students complete written (drawing) and performance –based assessments to display their learning and knowledge. Non-weighted assessment points will be given, with some projects and tests being worth more.

Grades will be given each grading period.

K-2 will be given a (check, check plus, or minus).

3-8 will be given letter grades


I am proud that the Performing Arts program at Veritas is a very strong and active one. I am looking forward to a wonderful year working with your very talented and enthusiastic children.

Contact information

If parents need to contact me, you may reach me by calling 574-287-3230, or my email at

Lydnel Potter

Performing Arts Teacher, Veritas Academy