Title 1 Director/ELA Teacher:  Mr. Callahan                      Title 1 Assistant/Math Teacher:  Miss Carey


Title I Vision

The vision of the Veritas Leadership Academy's  Title I Program is to provide services and resources to eligible students, educators, and families.  Cooperative efforts among the state, school, home, and community will ensure high expectations for Title I programming that will result in education excellence for all students.

Title I Mission

Recognizing the ability of all students to master challenging standards in the core academic subjects, Veritas Leadership Academy's Title I services are dedicated to increasing and improving the educational opportunities for students in schools with a high incidence of poverty by doing the following:

  • Focusing on effective. engaging, and high quality school programs and supplemental instruction to students.
  • Promoting school wide reform, ensuring access to effective instructional strategies, and challenging academic content.
  • Upgrading the quality of instruction through professional development.
  • Increasing opportunities for meaningful participation by parents in the education of their children.
  • Providing schools, teachers, and parents greater decision making authority and responsibility for student achievement.
  • Utilizing the Core and Indiana Academic Standards to assess students and determine how well Title I children are meeting the expectations of all students.